PTO shaft

Series 4 PTO Shaft With Clutch 1 3/8″ 6 And 1 3/8″ 6 Length: 35″- 57″

Bare-co Series 4 PTO Shaft With Clutch
Part No. SB4086
Overall Length: 35″ – 57″
Tractor End: 1 3/8″ 6 Quick Release
Clutch End: 1 3/8″ 6 Clamp
Torque Rating: 340 ft lbs
Spring: 467 NM
Clutch Dia: 7″
Safety Shield:  Yes

Bare-co Series 4 PTO Shaft With Clutch

Our PTO shafts are designed for a variety of equipment; they are available in various lengths and styles of end yokes. Agricultural machinery operates in very tough conditions, which is why we offer the best PTO shafts on the market.


You must understand size, dimensions, horsepower, and agricultural PTO shaft parts to choose the right PTO shaft for your agricultural machinery. While the yoke and u-joint are necessary for function, the safety chain and guard are very important parts of the PTO shaft to keep you safe during use.

  • Internal Yoke- There are two, located at both ends of PTO shaft -tractor and implement. This is welded to the drive end.
  • Universal Joint- There are two, located at both ends of PTO shaft.
  • External Yoke- There are two, located at both ends of PTO shaft. It has a “Y” shape to connect to the U-joint and a female hole.
  • Safety Chains- The chains are used to secure the PTO shaft onto the equipment and onto the tractor.
  • Safety Shield- These cones are found on both ends.

PTO shaft parts

The PTO shaft is made of metal and has a complex structure, but the basic components are simple. To maintain peak performance and prevent failure, these components must be made to tight tolerances and of the highest quality metals. At Harvan Manufacturing, our skilled machinists produce these parts to a tight 0.001-inch tolerance on the outside diameter, straightness, and concentricity. Furthermore, we use CNC machines to ensure maximum precision and short lead times.
PTO shafts are used to operate agricultural equipment. They are prone to wear due to high loads and pressures. To determine if your PTO shaft needs service, you should first determine the cause of the failure. PTO shaft failure can occur for several reasons, including persistent compression and damage to the connecting shaft. This in turn, affects tractors and implements. In this case, shortening the PTO shaft length can repair the damaged connection.
PTO axles are a very important part of a tractor; without them, your tractor will not be able to drive. The PTO shaft is responsible for transmitting power from the tractor to all components on the tractor. When purchasing a tractor, be sure to purchase PTO shaft parts that fit the diameter of the drive shaft. These are often overlooked during routine maintenance inspections, but knowing the parts of these components will help you become more confident and efficient with your farm machinery.