china supplier Friction Torque Limiter Ffv1-Ffv2 Series Pto Drive Shaft for Agricultural Machines Manufacturer OEM / ODM Auto Parts Tractor Transmission Universal Limiter manufacturers

Solution Description

Friction torque limiter FFV1-FFV2 Collection PTO travel shaft for agricultural equipment company CZPT / ODM vehicle parts tractor transmission CZPT limiter


Friction clutches might turn out to be hot for the duration of use.

Do not touch!

Hold the location around the friction clutch very clear of any substance which could capture hearth and stay away from extended slipping.

Main uses and ensures:

Observe: CZPT CZPT for anti-clockwise route of rotation.

The torque limiter is activated when the location torque exceeds the calibration torque. During the torque peak restricting period,the clutch proceeds to transmit CZPT . The clutch is valuable as a protection device to avoid load peaks and starting devices with high rotational inertia. It is recommended to ensure that the location benefit is proper to stay away from excessive heating of the friction discs (inadequate placing) or clutch seizing (abnormal environment).

Extensive use for agricultural machines
Assure: CZPT precision, higher wear resistance, reduced noise, smooth and continual, large strength.







china  provider Friction Torque Limiter Ffv1-Ffv2 Sequence Pto Generate Shaft for Agricultural Equipment Maker OEM / ODM Car Parts Tractor Transmission Common Limiter manufacturers