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Merchandise Description

CZPT CS014 Pto Cardan Shaft CZPT
About CZPT Cardan Shaft

With far more than 35 several years of generation encounter, skilled design and R & D group combine the improvement and production of Cardan shafts.

Our export goods are in accordance with CZPT CZPT and have been enjoyable the needs of CZPT CZPT ers CZPT .
Our expertise of far more than thirty a long time and innumerable contacts enables us to provide you with the very best backlinks to the top suppliers of CZPT elements to CZPT and the world automotive and Industry.

Due to the fact of CZPT large assets and capabilities, CZPT  will be glad to manufacture or supply any Part as per your specifications or needs.

We seem forward to your reply and a possibility to have a CZPT and mutually useful company relationship with you. So please do not wait to ship us any queries or ideas.

Sincere provider. Secure supply. Spirited Supplier.

Cardan Shaft Designs


Model Flange Size Nominal Toque Regular Duration Min Get Can be CZPT ized or not
SWC-I CZPT Duty From 58mm to 225mm 180N.m – 22000N.m 255mm – 860mm one established of course
SWC Medium Responsibility From 160mm to 225mm 21KN.m – 56KN.m 740mm – 1000mm 1 set indeed
SWC CZPT Obligation From 250mm to 620mm 80KN.m – 1250KN.m 1060mm – 1280mm one set yes
Slide CZPT CZPT Depends on your drawing
Cardan CZPT Please suggest us of your flange and torque
– All Cardan shafts we can make, please send out us your drawing or the photograph you utilized.
– We will offer you with CZPT ideal transmission options.
A Cardan Shaft CZPT r You Can Usually CZPT In CZPT

Creating Procedure & Cardan Shaft Applications

Why Decide on CZPT Cardan Shaft?



– Above thirty years of Cardan shaft manufacturing knowledge
– All spare parts of Cardan shafts are made by CZPT selves
– All Cardan shafts balance test before paint
– All Cardan Shafts dimensions are calculated by hand
– All Cardan shafts Meet and exceed TS16949 industry standards
– Entirely support your Cardan shaft design improvement

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All Types of Cardan Shaft to Assistance Your Project and CZPT

As a expert Cardan Shaft manufacturer and manufacturing unit in CZPT , CZPT  Cardan shaft has been in the Cardan shaft market for in excess of 20 a long time.

We produce and offer all types of Cardan shafts, like light-duty, medium-responsibility, hefty-responsibility, and more.

Due to the fact of CZPT huge resources and abilities, We will be glad to manufacture or supply any Element as per your specs or needs.


Connected Areas for Cardan Shaft


Do you have MOQ for your Cardan shafts Buy?

We do not have MOQ for every buy, we can manufacture the Cardan shafts from 1 laptop.

Can I check out your Cardan shaft manufacturing factory?

Welcome to check out CZPT Cardan shafts factory in ZheJiang  China. Fly to HangZhou directly and we will select you up.

Can you deliver us your certification?

Of program, just notify us which certification you want to check, we will give you a distinct PDF format.

What are the payment strategies?

We only settle for T/T 100% in CZPT . You will get photographs and video for your Cardan shafts production and packaging.

Does Lynnuo only manufacture light-duty Cardan shafts?

No, We do not only produce light-duty Cardan shafts, but also the medium-responsibility, gear coupling, sliding couplings. Due to the fact we manufacturing all spare areas by CZPT selves, so with your drawing, we can provide for you. Just send out us your requirements.


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