china shop 4# Pto Shafts manufacturers

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Our manufacturing unit is specialized in making PTO SHAFT for farm machines&time period
Agricultural PTO shaft Features&colon
one&time period We supply pto shaft sequence 1&num&comma 2&num&comma 3&num&comma 4&num&comma 5&num&comma 6&num&comma 7&num&comma 7N&num&comma 8&num&period of time
2&interval U-JOINTS specs&colon Series1&num&colon 22 &ast 54mm
Sequence 2&num&colon 23&period8 &ast sixty one&period3mm
Collection 3&num&colon 27 &ast 70mm
Sequence 4&num&colon 27 &ast74&period6mm
Collection 5&num&colon thirty&period2 &ast 80mm
Collection 6&num&colon 30&period2 &ast 92mm
Collection 7&num&colon thirty&period25&ast106&period35mm
Sequence 7N&colon 35&ast94mm
Series 8&colon 35 &ast 106&period5mm
three&time period Sorts of tube&colon Triangle profile tube&comma lemon profile tube&time period
four&period of time Least total size&colon 600-1800mm or 27″-60″
5&interval Conclude yokes & basic safety products&colon Rapid launch yokes&comma basic bore yokes&comma friction type torque limiters&comma ratchet sort torque limiter&comma and many others&time period
6&time period Plastic basic safety guard&colon Black or yellow&interval

china  shop 4# Pto Shafts manufacturers

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