china Cost Omt 200cc Danfoss Hydraulic Motor Replacement Medium Speed 1″ 3/8 Pto Shaft manufacturers

Solution Description

OMT 200CC DANFOSS Substitution MEDIUM-Velocity MOTOR 200CC 1″3/8 PTO SHAFT



Technological info


This is a DANFOSS replacement medium-velocity motor

  •  Technology: OMT, CZPT
  •  Flange: 4-gap, 113.4 x 113.4mm, Ø centring 123.8mm
  •  Shaft: PTO 6-tooth splined Ø 1″3/eight
  •  Ports: 3/4″ BSP (input and outlet) 1/4″ BSP (drain)
  •  Max ongoing inlet strain 210 bar

Orbital motor for heavy apps. Shaft with taper roller bearings ensures high static and dynamic bearing ability. Orbit package with rollers, individual integrated valve. CZPT volumetric and mechanical efficiency. CZPT sturdiness at higher pressure. CZPT has inside flush valves.These motors are ideal for CZPT durations of operation beneath challenging problems (e.g. high force, sluggish pace, quite light-weight oils, recurrent switches). The tapered roller bearings makes it possible for the absorption of static and dynamic radial loads. The distribution disc with a balancing plate is pushed by a divided cardan shaft and it minimises the hydraulic and mechanical losses. As a outcome, the efficiency is appreciable even beneath large pressures.



  Torque (Nm)          
Speed (rpm)
Displacement (cm) max steady min max steady commence min max constant CZPT (kW) max constant fall of stress (bar) max ongoing oil circulation (l/mn) Sauer danfoss reference
161,1 625 ten 470 340 26,five 200 a hundred 151B3000
201,four 625 9 590 430 33,5 two hundred one hundred twenty five 151B3001
251,8 five hundred 8 730 530 33,5 two hundred one hundred twenty five 151B3002
326,three 380 seven 950 740 33,5 200 125 151B3003
410,nine 305 six 1080 840 30 one hundred eighty one hundred twenty five 151B3004
532,six 240 five 1220 950 26,five 160 125 151B3005
161,one 625 10 470 340 26,5 200 a hundred 151B3018



china  Cost Omt 200cc Danfoss Hydraulic Motor Substitution Medium Speed 1